3 Warnings That You Could Have Poor Digestion

When you ate breakfast or lunch today, how did your stomach feel afterward? Would you consider yourself to be someone with a strong stomach? Are you prone to stomachache and heartburn? If any of these questions seem familiar to you or if you’ve experienced them on some level, then you probably have some digestion issues or concerns. If you’ve been wondering if you need to speak to a professional about your digestive health, then you might want to see if you come across any signs that you need to improve your digestion.

We will discuss three of these signs in the following article. First, we will discuss having an unpleasant breath. Then, we will cover skin problems in adulthood. And finally, we will close with tiredness after eating.

1Your Breath Smells

When most people notice that someone has bad breath, their first reaction might be to pull back and avoid the subject. However, telling someone that they have bad breath could be life-changing for them. This is because bad breath is often a sign of much more important issues.

Many people who have bad breath might have digestive problems that they aren’t aware of yet. Pay close attention to when your breath smells. This can give you an indication of what’s triggering it specifically.

2Adult Skin Issues

So a pimple suddenly rises on your cheek. Then, a few days later, another, and another. Is this just adult acne? Well, it’s possible, but it’s fairly common for people with digestive problems to have skin issues.

Many skin issues begin in the gut. This is because the bacteria that often cause acne only come about due to a decrease in the good bacteria that fight to keep your body healthy and your skin free of bacterial colonies. If you are sure to get enough good bacteria to fight the bad, then your skin should naturally clear up a bit.

3You’re Tired After Meals

Do you feel energized and lively after meals or tired and lethargic? How you feel after dinner can say a lot about the state of your digestive health. Sometimes, it can be as simple as needing to have more fiber in your diet.

One major issue that people have is a clogged and plaque-filled large intestine. This buildup of waste can prevent your body from absorbing the vital nutrients that it needs to stay healthy and alive. This could also become more serious when the weight of trapped material begins to cause internal injury to your intestinal lining.

Now, you know some of the major signs that you could have an undiagnosed digestion issue. First, we discussed unpleasant breath. Then, we covered skin problems in adulthood. And finally, we wrapped up with tiredness after eating.

Now that you’re informed and know what to look for, you can start looking for help. Knowing is the first step to improving your digestion and getting better. Hopefully, your body will soon be back on track and in full health.